Having spent 3 months in the Himalayas solo in Feb 2016, this was one of the best experiences and moments of my life. My route was from New Delhi-Ladakh-Sikkim-Kolkata-Darjeeling-Agra-Uttarakhand-Himachal Pradesh-Mumbai. This was my first time shooting something like this so please bear with me if it's shaky because my main camera fell into the freezing Chadar waters in Ladakh and stopped functioning for a while. However, I still managed to capture some footage with a GoPro, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony A6000 with Sigma 19mm lens. I hope you like this video and let me know your thoughts in the comments below :) Oh yes, please watch this video in HD and put on your earphones. I have documented most of my journey in my website: http://www.thegonegoat.com/ Music: Uniform Motion - The Telephone Box Blog: http://www.thegonegoat.com/ Twitter: @b_pash Instagram: @thegonegoat
On my long trip to Europe, I spent 20 days in the heart of Georgia visiting Mestia, Khaketi region, Tblisi and Gudauri. Stunning views and ancient history wherever you turn - what more can you ask for? Music: Kayliox - Ocean (ft. A-SHO) (Alex Schulz Remix) Blog: http://www.thegonegoat.com/ Twitter: @b_pash Instagram: @thegonegoat