How I Got Here?

I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and come from a somewhat liberal Indian family and have spent at least 11 years of my life working. I worked odd jobs, owned a career and was in the 'flow' of things. It was a rinse and repeat routine. The emphasis of hard work, persistence and time convinced me that I was on the road to success, and the importance of earning my own bread truly felt empowering. At the age of 16, I took my first ever job to fund my education, and years later, I graduated and climbed the corporate ladder to be a PR consultant.

After settling in comfortably, I used to flip through Outside Online and Nat Geo magazines and see pictures of people cliff hanging, climbing through snow-clad peaks, chasing adventures and thought they had some kind of god-gifted ability to beat all odds and take on these adventures - no where near what an ordinary person like me could do. So fast forward months later, I decided to switch things around and booked my first backpacking trip to Myanmar and also climbed one of Asia's highest peaks, Mount Kinabalu (which is now ridiculously expensive!)

After those short adventure trips, I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to experience everything, take on more risks, and more importantly experience slow travel. So in 2016, I quit my job and travelled solo to the Himalayas in India for three months. The people, culture, mountains and every single experience felt like this whole new world that did not exist to me beyond this point - it was not merely about travelling to these places, but I like how it taught me a bit of everything and challenged my perceptions of people and places.

That’s how I got inspired to continue exploring unknown places and territories in hopes of inspiring others and reminding people of our strength and the beauty of things when we need them the most.

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So why is The Goat, Gone?

For the longest time, I have been called a travelling goat (hint: Pashmina). For those, who are not aware - Pashmina is a fine cashmere wool that is made from the high altitude mountain goat. If that doesn't sound convincing, do note that 'The Gone Goat' name was only inspired by the movie 'Gone Girl' so in this context, I'll do everything and anything to travel and live a solitary life, including staging murders and suicides. I kid, ofcourse.


More about me, and the kind of travel writing I intend to focus on

After having this blog for three years, solo adventure narratives have become a well-worn trope: the stories always start with the person quitting their job and spending a length of time journeying “exotic” terrains. I started with this narrative, and it quickly wore out. I realised solo adventures are no big deal, and travelling extensively and aimlessly serves no purpose.

It might seem like a ridiculously selfish first-world type thing to do - almost like another consumerist idea of travelling the world, documenting it and doing it for the ‘gram’. Whenever I feel that I’m actually doing something a little bit useful and helping someone else or finding a mission, that makes me feel a bit better.

This blog is slowly changing and morphing into using my outdoor adventure pursuits mostly via hiking and bicycle touring to tell conservation and people stories from around the globe, and share episodes of human change. As I have gotten older and developed opinions of a lot of places in this world, I’ve come to realise that I can’t just enjoy these natural places if they’re going to disappear in the next decade or so - the least I can do is shine a spotlight on these places.

Travel with purpose is far more rewarding and essential to my happiness and it is full of opportunities to be able to write deeper instead of hopping from one destination to another.

If you’d like to read more about these stories, you can access my travel inspiration page or follow me on instagram as I joyfully discover the art of storytelling.

Getting Featured

I started this website in 2016, but for many years I only used it as an outlet to feature my travel stories. Since 2018, I began blogging more seriously and prioritizing this website, and since then The Gone Goat has grown from a few thousand page views to approx. 10,000 per month (as of November 2019). My readership is predominantly women between the ages of 25 and 34 who come from the The United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, India, Australia and Singapore.

I have been featured in the Forbes, The Star, Epicure Magazine, Cycling Plus Malaysia, TripZilla among others.

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