Rugged mountains, fierce deserts and the romance of the Silk Road was enough to convince me many moons ago that I wanted to see these vast and traverse lands in a forgotten territory of Asia.


Malaysia's forests are under threat from rapid deforestation. What’s the point of staying in eco-resorts and being in nature when the rest of the country is too detached from understanding our forests and the underlying geology? Over here, I pen my thoughts on what’s happening to the rainforests in Malaysia and the disappearing nomadic tribes.


A Leh Ladakh Road Trip for Thoughtful Travellers

It is hard to dismiss what is becoming of Leh Ladakh on a bike/road trip. The moonscape landscapes of Leh in Ladakh is at its most fragile state. Here’s a guide for a bike or road trip to Ladakh and how to do it sustainably.


Path Less Taken:

Why Responsible Tourism Starts With You

We’re constantly encouraged to travel and see things to appear “worldly” and “cultured” - but at what expense? Here’s why I decided to write about responsible and community-based tourism and how it should be advocated for by starting with you, me and all of us.

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