Path Less Taken:

Why Responsible Tourism Starts With You

We’re constantly encouraged to travel and see things to appear “worldly” and “cultured” - but at what expense? Here’s why I decided to write about responsible and community-based tourism and how it should be advocated for by starting with you, me and all of us.


What To Do In Bruges: Cycling, Waffles & Canals

Bruges, a medieval town: I often wondered why this charming little city was famous and what were the things to do? From cycling to tasting waffles, here’s what to do in Bruges if you have more than 48 hours and the weekend to spend.


The town that still promises of nirvana and a great alternative to Tibet: Shangri-La, Zhongdian in China. The Land of Lost Horizon is a place to get off-the-beaten path in China, Yunnan and find your ‘zen’.


The Ultimate Caucasus Road Trip in Armenia

There are many places to visit in Armenia, and a trip to this tiny Caucasus nation is not complete without a road trip to see the remote villages and stunning mountains.

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