Malaysia's forests are under threat from rapid deforestation. What’s the point of staying in eco-resorts and being in nature when the rest of the country is too detached from understanding our forests and the underlying geology? Over here, I pen my thoughts on what’s happening to the rainforests in Malaysia and the disappearing nomadic tribes.


A Leh Ladakh Road Trip for Thoughtful Travellers

It is hard to dismiss what is becoming of Leh Ladakh on a bike/road trip. The moonscape landscapes of Leh in Ladakh is at its most fragile state. Here’s a guide for a bike or road trip to Ladakh and how to do it sustainably.


Solo Trippin’ In India: Why Travel Alone?

There is magic when you travel solo to India on a trip that is far from the usual cities and the cliche Golden Triangle. Spending time in the Northern India stretches overlooking gorgeous views of the rivers and valleys made me realise the rampant misconception I had about all of India.


Beyond Persia: The People and Places in Iran

On a trip to Iran couple of years ago, I experienced first hand the beautiful hospitality of Iran beyond its tourist attractions. The places to visit in Iran were often overshadowed by the friendly conversations with people. Here’s a photo-journey depicting the people I met and that landscapes I experienced.


Path Less Taken:

Why Responsible Tourism Starts With You

We’re constantly encouraged to travel and see things to appear “worldly” and “cultured” - but at what expense? Here’s why I decided to write about responsible and community-based tourism and how it should be advocated for by starting with you, me and all of us.

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