Best Smart Everyday Backpacks for Work-Life Balance

It’s amazing how we have seen backpacks come a long way. It’s no longer just an ordinary backpack or a heavy briefcase, but an actual smart backpack that charges your phone, harnesses solar energy, transforms your look, and gets the job done.

I got fascinated by the idea of having a smart backpack that lets me charge on-the-go and as someone who carries my work everywhere with me, functionality is key. I know there’s a lot of flak on our always-on culture where we constantly connected and networked, but this is not a reason for me to misuse my time and become a workaholic but rather just taking care of my ‘digital well-being’. And hey, there’s no shame in admitting that when you can get the job done instead of hunting for the next power plug!

But first let’s nail down some basics on what’s a smart backpack, why should you care and how can you pick the best one that will strike a right balance between work, travel and the weekend!

what’s a smart backpack, why should you care and how can you pick the best one that will strike a right balance between work and life!

what’s a smart backpack, why should you care and how can you pick the best one that will strike a right balance between work and life!

In textbook definition, what is a smart backpack and is it really smart or futuristic?

A smart backpack is an efficient way to cleverly carry and charge your laptop or smartphone on-the-go. The best part about having a smart backpack is that you have got useful tricks and features unlike your run in the mill backpack — there’s anti-theft zippers, solar panels, and even built-in ports for headphones.

Why invest in a smart backpack?

Having one backpack that lets you do everything is a pretty good investment and it will ease the hassle of having to have a backpack for every single other occassion. I am talking about investing in a backpack that will be able to survive the beautiful heat and the torrential downpours without ruining your gadgets.

If you’re a frequent traveller or always out and about during the weekends, you know it will be easier having a backpack that has all the modern tools and essentials to make it work through tough environments.

Here Are The Best Modern Smart Backpacks

1. Timbuk2, The Authority Pack: For The Minimalist


If your work requires a lot of stuff and you like order but prefer not to look too stuffy, put the Timbuk2 Authority on your back. It’s a bring-the-office-with-you bag; it makes sense of everything your day job and side gig require. And it feels good thanks to the backpack straps and a super cush grab handle. Pair that with a beautiful base fabric, tuck-away sternum straps, and an air mesh back panel that keeps your dress shirt dry.

Surprisingly, with a laptop, lunch, breakfast, and some gym clothes (in a packing cube), this bag doesn’t feel all that heavy. The best thing about Timbuk2's backpacks are good-looking and tough so you can easily haul around your prized possessions — mutt, camera, or laptop.

2. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack: For The Hip Techies


The idea of a great travelling fashion bag that has dual purpose such as charging your devices on the go with the USB port and fitting in your MacBook Air and placing your umbrella onto the side pockets are really what makes the Modoko vintage bags a great fit.

There are a total of six compartments to save your belongings together and the backpack strap is is well-padded and adjustable to fit your body. It even has a vegan leather strap and this backpack is perfect for balancing work, life, school or for a weekend get-away.

3. SUNNYBAG Explorer+: For The Outdoor Junkies


This was one of the best smart travel backpacks that received a lot of funding on sites like Kickstarter, and it is no wonder that this backpack had won raved reviews from a lot of people. Being able to travel and take your backpack with you anytime and everywhere without having to worry about charging your devices is something that the Sunnybag Explorer+ has so cleverly being able to live up to everyone’s expectation.

If you love to be independent and recharge your mobile devices from a sustainable source of energy, this is the perfect fit. The Sunnybag EXPLORER+ is a fashionable high-quality backpack with a powerful 6 Watt solar panel.

You are able to charge your mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, smartwatches, power banks etc. via an integrated USB charge port. And if you don’t want to carry the solar charger with you, you can also remove it! It is even great for weekend hikes, and a real neat bag that will serve your daily needs.

4. Kopack Waterproof: For the Security-Focused (Anti-theft Backpack)


If you riding trains, buses and are always in high-traffic areas, an anti-theft smart travel backpack will proper compartmentalization will save you the trouble and hassle. You will find that there are actually dedicated pockets inside the backpack that show you exactly where certain accessories should go. It even has plenty of organised storage with space for a USB charging pack. The external USB port allows you to charge your phone on the go, so there is no excuse for running out of battery.

Security is an important feature and this bag pack is designed to ensure you don’t worry about someone opening a front pocket and trying to steal your gadgets and stuff. For the price, it is an insane bargain and it is even multipurpose in the sense that it can be used for travelling, work or weekend run-arounds.

5. Kenneth Cole Smart Anti-Theft Backpack: For The Stylish All-Rounder Work Bag

Sleek and sophisticated, the Kenneth Cole laptop backpack is the perfect smart backpack for the modern on the go professional. The bag features a stylish, sleek silky nylon exterior with gold plated zippers, and a tear-resistant, fully lined pattern printed interior lining.

Loaded with features including a padded laptop pocket that holds most laptops with up to 15.0”, a padded tablet pocket that accommodates most tablets, RFID protection pocket, and two zippered accessory pockets. The exterior features a trolley tunnel to fit over trolley handles for hands free carrying, and a sturdy padded top handle for easy carrying. The backpack features bold colors, clean lines, and high-quality materials – all of which add up to a casual, yet modern style perfect for both men and women.

6. Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack: Best Aesthetic-Pleasing Carry-Around Backpack


When it comes to taking over the street wear landscape and new-age travel style, no other brand has made quite the impression like Herschel Supply Co. Herschel offers an all-in-one hybrid backpack that alternates as a work bag or a travel bag offers. What’s really great is that there is an internal media pocket is the ideal fit for your smartphone, and the additional headphone port is perfect for an on-the-go playlist.

The inside is great as it has a protective laptop sleeve and a couple side pockets. While it doesn’t have all the “smart” features in your usual backpack, it still works for its sleek design and for people who want a stylish-feel to a laptop backpack while being able to use for travel purposes. In other words, use it for your commute, the school week, a business trip, or a weekend adventure.

7. Tzowla Backpack: Best Multipurpose Smart Backpack


This backpack has a lot going for it – with a USB interface, anti-theft design and overall multipurpose use for business, travel and even weekend hangouts. The hidden theft proof pocket is designed on the back sits up against the wearer's body. There’s even an anti-pickpocket back pocket which makes it difficult to steal personal items, store your valuables such as passport and money when traveling so no one can get into it without you feeling it. I also really like the built of this back — it looks like it fits all the core features of what’s needed in a smart backpack without the hefty price tag.

8. XD Design Bobby Tech Smart Backpack: For The Sustainable Minimalist


If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a sleek minimalist look, the freakishly futuristic, highly functional, and solar powered XD Bobby Anti-Theft backpacks fits the bill of the busy bee who needs to look well put-together. It is created for the Modern Nomads who like to feel safe, stay connected, organized and move in a responsible way. Sustainability is engraved in XD’s DNA as it is made from recycled materials and sources such as plastic soda bottles. How cool is that?

For eco-conscious individuals and someone who is hell-bent on reducing their footprint, the XD Bobby Anti-theft backpacks are perfect for individuals who straddle between work, school and the weekends.

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It’s amazing how we have seen backpacks come a long way. Here are some of the best smart backpacks for women and men that can be used for work, travel and for commuting! It’s no longer just an ordinary backpack or a heavy briefcase, but an actual smart backpack that charges your phone, harnesses solar energy, transforms your look, and gets the job done. #bestbackpacks #travelbackpacks #workbackpacks #everydaybackpack #backpackstyle #everydayfashion #travelstyle #travelfashion